POLICIES - (effective 11/2016)


Membership package Policy

Unlimited packages begin the date of the first visit. 

ALL Packages expire 1 year after purchase.

***All membership packages are non-extendable, non-transferable

5:30 am Class Cancellation policy

5:30 am classes Require pre-registration the night before class, Azitala reserves the right to cancel the 5:30 am class if there is no one registered in the class by 9pm the night prior to class.

Walk-ins are welcome, if the class is still on the schedule, but please check on-line prior to leaving the house.

Cancellations will be posted on Facebook, and will appear on the schedule as cancelled.

Member Cancellation policy

A student that has signed into class will be charged for this class up until the start of the class time. If you cannot attend, please log in, click on the class and remove yourself from the class roster if this is not available to you please email the studio at info@azitala.com prior to time the class begins!

Weather Related Cancellation policy

Azitala reserves the right to cancel classes due to weather related issues!

Students registered in the class will be contacted ahead of time and will not be charged for the class.

Cancellations will be posted on Facebook, and will appear on the schedule as cancelled.

Age-Appropriate Yoga Policy

Here's our youth policy, to ensure everyone has a chance to practice yoga and experience its benefits safely!

All persons, 13 and older, are welcome to join any class, any day. (13 to 15-year-old practitioners need to be accompanied by an adult).

Yogis, ages 10-12, are welcome in any Beginners Class, when accompanied by an adult (these pre-teen practitioners can graduate into full practice after attending 12 Beginners Classes, at which time they may attend any class at any time, when accompanied by an adult).