Prenatal Yoga: What You Need to Know

Doing Hot Yoga during pregnancy is not only safe but also a healthy experience throughout the term of your pregnancy. With your doctor’s permission and knowing pregnancy modifications, continuing your practice during pregnancy can be a beautiful time for you and your baby.

You may notice that the practice is very challenging in the first trimester as you are adjusting to hormones and increased blood volume.

If you are currently a practitioner of Hot Yoga, feel free to continue your practice as long as possible, under the advice of your doctor or midwife. Many women have practiced right up until delivery. Once you complete your 13th week, begin all modifications for pregnant women.

If you have never done Hot Yoga before, wait until you have entered your second trimester before beginning classes and practice the pregnancy modifications.

Important Notes for Pregnant Women

There are many benefits to practicing prenatal yoga (for you and your baby). To improve your experience, here are some things to consider:

1) Practice at about 50% of your capacity and never to exhaustion.

2) Be sure to stay well-hydrated.

3) Practice in a cooler area of the room or by the door. Feel free to leave class anytime to cool down.

4) From the second trimester on, practice standing postures with your feet six inches apart for stability.

5) Do not push your hips forward in the backward bends. The cartilage in your hips is preparing for birth by loosening and is less stable than it was before you were pregnant.

6) No forward compressions or belly-down postures after the first trimester.

7) Roll to your left side to raise yourself up on your mat.


8) Ask your teacher for modifications!

CONGRATULATIONS on taking a step that will benefit your pregnancy! Did you know that prenatal yoga may also help you prepare for labor and promote your baby's health? Read more here.