Molly Ruby

Join me in a practice that can change your life, your health and your overall well-being… one breath at a time! I come to my mat seeking strength of heart, mind and body yet learning to let go of anxiety and uncertainty. Practicing pre-natal yoga initially then returning to my mat as cross-training throughout marathon season, yoga became a form of gratitude for my muscles and permission to focus on mindfulness and breathing. Meeting you where you are on your mat; anxious or uncertain about yoga or experienced and seeking strength, I am passionate about helping my students build a dedicated yoga practice. I will encourage proper form with hands-on alignment techniques while guiding classes ranging from Active to Gentle Flow. Linking breath to mindful movement, my focus is helping you build core strength, and move through functional activities injury-free and with renewed energy! I look forward to joining the opening team of talented instructors at azItala after recently returning to Minnesota from the Denver area. I was blessed to have the opportunity to become 200-hour certified in Hatha Yoga, Power Vinyasa and Meditation training in Denver through Sersano Wellness (spring 2013), am registered with Yoga Alliance and NETA Group X Certified. See you in the studio soon!


Molly Ruby is currently not instructing any classes.