2016 Yogo Teacher Training Program

azItala Yoga Teacher Training Program

Ashtangasana 300-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification

Fully licensed by the MN OHE Office of Higher Education and Approved by the Yoga Alliance.

Announcing our 300 hour program!

Session will be held in 2019 beginning in April with graduation before December.


Our first informational meeting will be held in Early December, with discounts for signing up at the meeting.


Early Bird discounts will be through Feb 1st.

with Extra special Early Early bird discounts by December 1st. 


Our 300 hour program covers topics such as:

·         200 hour certification is required to take 300 hour curriculum

·         What is Yoga?

·         The Yoga Sutras

·         The Eight Limbs of Yoga, Yamas & Niyamas

·         Types of Yoga, Styles of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Masters

·         Anatomy Movements

·         Sequencing, Cues, Assisting and Adjusting

·         Gunas, Kleshas, Koshas, 4 Locks & 4 Keys, Rajas, Japa & Sadhana, 7 Spiritual Laws

·         Breathing Basics, Pranayama Methods , Nadi, Channels, Bandhas, Vayus

·         Advanced benefits: Based on Category of Postures

·         Props & Usage           

·         Advanced Sequencing based on themes      

·         Advanced assists & adjustments       

·         Advanced Anatomy with Physiology and Kinesiology          

·         Types of Meditation:  

·         Meditation Effects on the Brain-        

·         Mantras and use of Malas, Mudras   

·         Introduction to Chakras:        

·         Understanding Blocks:           

·         Dosha & Ayurveda in Yoga   

·         Being a Yoga Teacher           

·         Business of Yoga       


The price is $4000.00 with an early bird rate of $3600.00 due by Feb 1st.

And an extra special Early Early Bird rate of $3200.00 due by Dec 1st.

Call Tanya with questions, or email info@azitala.com





Course Instructor:
Tanya Rice

Tanya has been an instructor for 5 years. She took her initial RYT in Minneapolis, and has taken other trainings around the US & Mexivo: (grief yoga, body image, and alignment series, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, Bhakti and others)

Tanya’s passion is about finding the philosophy of yoga in the alignment of each pose.