2016 Yogo Teacher Training Program

azItala Yoga Teacher Training Program

Ashtangasana 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Certification

Florida Program


Fully licensed and Approved by the Yoga Alliance.

INFORMATION MEETING February 15th, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Family Health and Wellness Center

6615 N. Atlantic Ave, STE A , Cape Canaveral, FL 32920





Spring-Summer 2019 Program


Learn to teach and experience real yoga immersion!

This program celebrates many styles that have evolved from the ancient practice of yoga. Whether your passion is for a rigorous vinyasa or restorative practice, this teacher training certification program provides you with the tools to bring your passion to others.

This Yoga Alliance-accredited program is also perfect for the individual who wants to delve deeper into their yoga practice. Join us, to learn the philosophy behind the poses and much more!

Spring-Summer Program
Dates: April 11th-July 20th 2019
Graduation: July, 2019  email for exact dates


Sign up today!
Seats in the courses are limited, because we aim keep the training program group small and intimate.

Call Martha at 763.516.8789 to register.

For questions and more information, contact marthamc74@gmail.com or info@azitala.com.




  • Bring your personal practice to a new level. 
  • Explore your Spirituality.                                                                                               
  • Individualized attention in a small group setting.   
  • Become a certified yoga instructor.                                                                                 
  • Qualify for Yoga Alliance Certification.                                                                             


Teacher Training Testimonials:

"I signed up for Azitala’s Teacher Training program hoping to improve my practice due to injuries and so I could become an instructor someday, but I left with vastly more. I learned that yoga is more than a practice in calisthenics. It is a whole mind, body and soul experience that you live by, not for one hour, but for life. Yoga philosophy has given me tangible tools for life and has bolstered my Catholic faith. I learned how to perform postures correctly; their benefits, precautions and modifications. I was taught about sequencing, preparing and countering a pose based on the category and the level of the pose. I learned how to regulate my breath to calm my body and mind using different forms of breaths for my asana practice and for mediation. The training has been worth its weight in gold for my life, physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. I am now an instructor and it is my hope to bring yoga to those who seek it. My life is forever changed for the better thanks to Azitala’s Teacher Training Program. Thank you so much, Tanya Rice."-Kyron Christopherson

"Teacher training at Azitala studio, guided by Tanya, is conducive to busy schedules, builds upon an excellent base of yoga history, and hands on practice of poses. With the aid of diverse literature including Patanjali, Azitala teacher training opens the student's eyes to a variety of theory encouraging the student to form his/her own personal practice with amazing structural guidance. Tanya encourages the student to be an active participant in learning the background of poses, developing verbal cues for safety and instruction, as well as following a flow of yogic understanding.  I would highly recommend Tanya as a teacher trainer as well as Azitala studio to invest in diving deeper into your yoga practice, Namaste."-Wendy Gutknecht

"Tanya, with Azitala, is offering a 200/hour yoga teacher training beginning this fall.  If you're considering or have an interest in it, I would highly recommend taking the class.  Maybe you're looking to expand your personal practice and have no intention of becoming an instructor, that's okay.  You will increase your knowledge, have a better understanding of yoga, the asanas (poses), anatomy, philosophy, benefits and an overall deeper, more dedicated yoga experience.  You will not regret it.  My yoga journey began 5 years ago, I have grown in countless ways, mind, body and spirit, Namaste."-Sandie Goettl


*Azitala is fully licensed by the MN Office of Higher Education, See Ashtangasana on MN-OHE  (make certain the Yoga Programs you are working with are properly certified with the State of MN)




Course Instructor:
Martha Carlson

ERYT – Martha has been an instructor for 5 years.


She took her initial training in Minneapolis at Devanadi Yoga; merging the sacred practices of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra and Energy Medicine and has additional

Class Time Commitment 

Thursday Evenings:

  • 4 hours (5:30 pm - 9 pm)


  • 6 hours (12:30-6:30 pm)

Business plan workshop:

  • One night during the course, Night and location will be discussed as a group.

Outside Time Commitment

Personal Practice:

Recommended 2x per wk min.


Daily meditation/journaling

3-5 hours of homework per week

Teach two classes


  • Early Bird Special: $2,400 paid in full by March 15th ,2019 
  • Full Payment April 1st, 2019 $2,600
  • $500.00 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold your seat.                                                 


*Some discounts apply - call for inquiry

*Tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.
*350.00 Non refundable fee in the event of cancellation

*Azitala is fully licensed by the MN Office of Higher Education,

*See Ashtangasana on MN-OHE  (make certain the Yoga Programs you are working with are properly certified with the State of MN)

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