Shakti Flow for you.

I just wanted to share my experience with shakti flow 2 weekends ago. First of all, the class is absolutely awesome! It's so much fun and Michelle is a great leader! While in our final shavasana that day tears began to stream down my face and I really had no reason why it was happening??? I gathered myself together and left the studio but once I got to my car the the tears began to flow like a fountain. It continued on until I got home and could breath again. It was such a cleansing experience, obviously I hold a lot in and I had teared up a few other times like this after class but nothing like shakti. I wanted you to know how valuable this class is and just how appreciative I feel that you can offer it at the studio. Yesterday's class was just as good. I left with a comepletely different feeling of lightness and empowered to face the world. Yoga is such a gift!! — anonymous

Yoga is so much more.

Having just celebrated my first twelve months of yoga practice, I wanted to express my gratitude to all of the instructors at azItala. I have learned much from each of you and I am very thankful. My central motivation at the beginning of my practice was to lose weight and increase strength and flexibility. I have done all of that and more. Through my practice, I have lost over 40 lbs., developed sculpted arms to rival Michelle Obama, and have eliminated the need for frequent chiropractic visits. Yoga is great exercise! Anyone who has taken Kim’s strength class or Molly’s active flow knows that yoga is a great cardio workout. Or holding postures in Tanya’s static until your legs shake. But yoga is so much more. As a foodie and stress eater, I know I will always struggle with my weight. However, I have found that my practice is a great stress reliever. You have all become voices in my head teaching non-judgment and detachment. As a confirmed non-athlete, it is amazing that I have grown my practice to 3-4 classes per week. I would never have done this if it weren’t for the varied class schedule that alternately challenges me and provides positive mental energy. Thank you all for a great year! — Susan M. Kadlec


Get in shape.

Absolutely love Azitala! This studio has helped me get in shape and made a yogi out of me! — Mandy Jensen

Wonderful results, both physically and mentally.

So thankful for azItala! The teachers and classes are amazing! I enjoyed classes daily for 6 months and saw wonderful results, both physically and mentally. I recently went for my annual physical and found out my cholesterol had dropped 40 points from 220 down to 180. It is a blessing to have in Elk River! — Chanda Tanaka


Each class is labeled accordingly.

Love the studio and the teachers. They all seem to be very involved in each and every class. And I think each class is labeled accordingly for those newer yogis not sure which class to take. — Laura Seagren

Helpful, encouraging and passionate.

I just discovered hot yoga a couple of months ago, and it is my new love!! This studio is awesome because it is welcoming and friendly, and the instructors are fabulous-so helpful, encouraging and passionate! Going to azItala classes is a highlight of my week! — Jeannie Paris


Beginner or advanced.

I have been so happy to have azItala in Elk River, close to home! The instructors and variety of classes give my mind and body what it needs every time I attend. If you are a beginner or advanced, you can find a class to fit your needs! — Liz Ahern


Love this place! Very welcoming and great teachers! — Leah Dirkes


All shapes and sizes.

I couldn't be more in love with hot yoga and azItala gave me that! As an obese woman with no yoga experience i have NEVER once felt unwelcome or out of place! In fact, the complete opposite! Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and encouraging! I highly recommend it to everyone of all shapes and sizes! — Heather Enyart

Leave feeling like a million bucks.

Fabulous studio, wonderful instructors! I've loved all the classes so far, but definitely try one that's restorative...you'll leave feeling like a million bucks! — Dee Kesselring



Every instructor is truly fantastic! I was very nervous to attend my first class, however, once I walked in the door I immediately felt comfortable. Hot yoga is FABULOUS!!! — Nicole Tietz