What to Expect

Hot yoga is designed for both its therapeutic effects as well as its detoxifying effects.  Please understand YOU WILL SWEAT at azItala.  Bearing this in mind, please come to our Elk River studio hydrated and bring water or a bottle for filling (water will be available for purchase).  Always arrive 10-20 minutes in advance of your class time.  PLEASE MAINTAIN SILENCE IN THE HOT ROOM.

For Newcomers

The heat will be overwhelming to start! Please do not give up! Your body will become used to it, by the third consistent visit to the azItala Yoga studio you will notice the mind move to a place where it seeks the heat vs. fights the heat. Trust us we all have been through this!  Always arrive 10-20 minutes in advance of your class time.


Both the Kids Class and the Beginner’s Class will have temperatures lowered to help with this acclimation.


azItala Yoga Studio Etiquette 

Quiet: What does this mean exactly- please understand this is a small studio, therefore passing times between classes need to remember there are people in the yoga room, trying to focus, decompress, meditate, please be respectful of this quietude.  When it is you in the studio, I’m certain you will grow to love this quiet, please share it with others.  PLEASE MAINTAIN SILENCE IN THE AZITALA HOT ROOM.


Clean: There are cubbies and hooks in the front welcoming area of the azItala Yoga studio for Shoes and Outer Wear. Please be cognizant of the small space and keep shoes in the spaces provided, signs will be posted as to “NO shoes beyond this point.”


Courteous: The azItala Yoga studio itself when full will mean being close to your yoga neighbors, hands and feet may bump, the yoga tradition says this is good luck, acknowledge it and move on peacefully.  The locker spaces are small as well, please understand everyone is trying to work together, please be understanding of the small space, and let the studio instructors know if you have any trouble.  Lockers cannot be kept on a permanent basis there is not space to accommodate this, and if you have lost or forgotten anything please check with the front desk.


Non-Judgemental: Please understand every practitioner is coming from a different place and is headed to a different place, to azItala, this means kindness to all!  The design of the azItala studio is to provide yoga to everyone, young or old, strong or injured, trained or struggling with weight, and even those just seeking mental calm: everyone is welcome.  So please check EGOS at the door, in the studio we all are equal, share the yoga sentiment with your neighbor, recalling when someone in your life reached a hand back for you!


azItala Yoga Studio Waiver

To save time, download, print and fill out the azItala Membership Application and Waiver before you arrive. Bring the signed application to your first class at our Elk River studio. See you soon!