Mala Making Event

This class is taught by:

Tanya Rice

Owner and Instructor

I'd like to welcome you to our new studio, and I'd love for you to come practice and fully enjoy your experience at azItala! I first practiced yoga in 2010, and it transformed my life. I started yoga on a whim — a coupon actually — by the urging of a good friend, and, before the coupon ran out, I was hooked. For me, yoga was a way to find peace in a busy work week, work through sports injuries I was gaining in my harder impact sports, and a way for me to control my weight with a work out that felt good in and out of my body. I WAS IN LOVE WITH THAT FEELING.... So in love that I decided to join that same friend in teacher training, and I became certified in 2012. Throughout my certification process, I began building the dream of a studio. I opened a home studio for friends and family and taught from there, spreading as much yoga passion as I could, with hopes to open a studio to the public. With so much support from family and friends, I have now realized that studio and I feel so blessed. Azitala teaches to all body types, to all levels and in styles appropriate to each. I myself love to teach anyone willing to try, simply for the love of that whole body feeling. I want everyone to feel welcome and to feel they can grow in our studio, physically and mentally. I would like each practitioner to truly feel YOGA — that union between mind and body. My hope for you, is that you too will FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT FEELING! Namaste E-RYT200, RYT 500, Module in Kundalini, Module in Yin/Restorative
Come and join us for Mala Making. 
Join Tanya and Connie for a mala making party! We will learn more about malas and taking care of them, enjoy a 10 minute Intention meditation, and then get to creating your choice of a bracelet or necklace, plus enjoy time to chill and relax with your yogi friends. Refreshments provided.