75 Combo Class

This class is taught by:

Mary Strehl


My yoga practice began back in 2012, in Fargo, ND. I was 50 lbs. overweight, stressed out, and desperately seeking purpose. I was determined to make some lifestyle changes. Yoga ended up being just the thing I was seeking. I'll never forget my first class. I had walked in anxious & scared, and later walked out feeling strong & empowered. I promised myself I would stick with it. Quickly yoga became my safe haven. All of life's stresses became insignificant. All that mattered was the present moment. As my passion for yoga grew, I felt a pull to teach & share this practice with others. In 2016 I pursued teacher training here at Azitala. I am blessed to now have the opportunity to share yoga with all of you here at Azitala.

Sue Montague

I discovered yoga at a health club in 2006, during a time when I was experiencing transitions and challenges in my life. I found that each hour I spent in a yoga practice served to calm and center me, and that the peace, renewal, and hope I experienced in my practice were qualities I could carry with me throughout my day. I practice (and teach) yoga as a three-part journey – body, mind, and spirit. As the body is strengthened and aligned physically, the mind becomes centered and the spirit is refreshed. I am especially pleased when students share with me the changes they notice in themselves -better breathing, greater strength, posture, more positive emotional outlook - and how they are taking their yoga practice with them off the mat. I’m excited to be joining the Azltala team and look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Wendy Gutknecht

My yoga journey began back in 2010, when I joined a yoga class at the club. The beautiful yogi guiding our class lead me to open the heart and quiet the monkey mind. With a soothing tone and connected asanas, she spoke about being in the present and that the present is a gift. Throughout the days, that quote resonated with me. Whenever that yogi taught a class, I was in it drinking in the love. During one class, the yogi was not there and it was 10 minutes into class.I laid in savasana thinking that I should rise and guide the class because these yogis made it a priority to be there. Slowly, I rose and introduced myself, saying that I would be their yoga instructor today. The frazzled yogi came in minutes after I began. She hugged me and with a kiss on the cheek, graciously thanked me for stepping up. It was then that I knew that being a yoga instructor was my calling. Yoga is the union of mind, body, and spirit. My promise is that I will always hold true to the integrity of building a yoga community in the classroom. Namaste.

Tanya Rice

Owner and Instructor

I'd like to welcome you to our new studio, and I'd love for you to come practice and fully enjoy your experience at azItala! I first practiced yoga in 2010, and it transformed my life. I started yoga on a whim — a coupon actually — by the urging of a good friend, and, before the coupon ran out, I was hooked. For me, yoga was a way to find peace in a busy work week, work through sports injuries I was gaining in my harder impact sports, and a way for me to control my weight with a work out that felt good in and out of my body. I WAS IN LOVE WITH THAT FEELING.... So in love that I decided to join that same friend in teacher training, and I became certified in 2012. Throughout my certification process, I began building the dream of a studio. I opened a home studio for friends and family and taught from there, spreading as much yoga passion as I could, with hopes to open a studio to the public. With so much support from family and friends, I have now realized that studio and I feel so blessed. Azitala teaches to all body types, to all levels and in styles appropriate to each. I myself love to teach anyone willing to try, simply for the love of that whole body feeling. I want everyone to feel welcome and to feel they can grow in our studio, physically and mentally. I would like each practitioner to truly feel YOGA — that union between mind and body. My hope for you, is that you too will FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT FEELING! Namaste E-RYT200, RYT 500, Module in Kundalini, Module in Yin/Restorative

Amber Perry

My history with yoga began over 10 years ago. I loved the way it made me feel, but it wasn’t until observing my friend teaching yoga in a homeless shelter that I began to really see and feel the mind/body/higher power connection. That experience inspired me to pursue teaching and I completed the RYT 200 program here at Azitala this summer (2018). Nothing brings me greater joy than loving and serving others and yoga is one of my favorite outlets for doing just that. I believe yoga is for EVERYONE and we can find healing and connection in places we didn’t know existed, in body and spirit. In Patanjali’s words, “…with a peaceful mind you can go out into the world and serve well.” Come to the mat and seek your peace. Namaste.

This class will move through a warm up, sun salutes, inversions, balance and a posture class that will connect your breath with the postures, work core, and deepen your practice, focusing on the fundamentals of postures, and combines by moving into a restorative class with postures designed for deep opening and healing

  • Length: 75 minutes
  • Benefits: work up heat, strength, flexibility and metabolism.
  • Pace: Slow to moderate then back to slow.
  • Who: All Levels welcome, modifications will be offered to suit all practitioners
  • Assure hydration before class

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